Directory Submission: Writing a Good Title and Description

Published: 10th June 2010
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Directory submission involves submitting your website to the directories. There are many types of directories including regular directories, blog directories, niche directories and etc. Different directories accept different kinds of website.

In the submission form, you will find a field that asks you to provide a description for the website. The descriptions should briefly describe the content of your site. It should describe the content of your site in 2 - 3 sentences. It is unnecessary to write a long descriptions as some directories will reject it. Each directory has its own word count limit for the descriptions. For example, a directory can limit the description word count to 25 words. If your description exceeds 25 words, the form will not successfully submit. Some directories have a higher word count requirement. Depending on the word count set by the directories, you must write description that has enough word to meet the requirement.

Experienced webmasters use a variety of descriptions to avoid duplication problem. You can vary each description slightly. It is best that you write a unique description for each directory. Though it is time consuming, it ensures that all your directory listing is indexed in the search engine. If you don't have time to write unique descriptions, you can spread over the descriptions over a few directories. For example, you can use the same descriptions for every 40 sites you submit. The search engine can only indexed up to 40 duplicate contents. If you are using the description for more than 40 directories, the rest of the description won't be indexed.

Using the same descriptions makes the submission process looks unnatural to the search engine. The search engine will immediately know that the submission is performed by one person because the same description to use. When writing a description for your site, you can reference the descriptions of other site. The site description which you reference must be similar to the topic of your site. Referencing descriptions of other sites also help you to determine the elements that are used in the successful descriptions. Each directory has a word count limit on the descriptions. Your descriptions should consists of 2 - 3 sentences. It must not contain too many words. If the description is too long, the submission form won't successfully submit the listing details.

You must give the site a unique title. If the title is not unique, it will says "Title Already Exists in Directory". If you see this message, it means that the title you entered in the field is already used by another website that is listed in the directory. To correct this problem, you must give your site submission a new title. After you replace it with a new title, your submission form will surely go through this time.

If you don't know how to write the title or description, you can hire a SEO company to help you. Normally, the SEO company would require you to submit the title, descriptions and keywords for the directory submission.

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